Cracked or Damaged Screens: An unexpected fall, pressure, and heat are three major factors why a screen may have broken. Replacing the screen is a fraction of the cost of replacing a phone, not to mention being able to retain all of the personal data.

Charging Port Replacement: Through everyday wear and tear, charging ports on cell phones and tablets begin to loosen and ultimately cease to be operational. Replacing the charging port can not only save a lot of money, but save the headache of having to maneuver your charging cable to locate the "sweet spot".

Battery Replacement: When a battery drains too fast or takes too long to charge, replacing the battery is the solution. Even on phones and tablets where the battery is housed internally, we can safely and effectively swap out the battery.

Soldering: Some components of a device are soldered directly to the logic board. These parts can become loose or corroded by moisture damage. We have the equipment and expertise to repair or replace the affected components and restore the device to working condition.

Button Repair: If a lock button, volume control buttons, or home button (or any other buttons for that matter) begin to no longer work, we can replace the controlling cables that will allow those buttons to work like new again.

Data Recovery: Need to access the data in an old broken phone but don’t want to pay the full cost to repair it? We can help. We offer a data recovery service for most devices. As long as the device still powers up, we should be able to save your contacts, pictures, etc. We just need another phone or memory card to transfer the content to.

Customization: Some of the most popular models of cell phones have alternate color schemes available, just not sold at the retail level. With our supply chain initiating directly at the factory, we can order specially designed screens to give a unique version of a phone that everybody has. We can make a white phone black, or create a green phone with a yellow home button! New customization options are always coming out so stop in and see what we have to offer.